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What is our "Used Cars Purchase Service" ?

This is a service to support your purchase of used cars in Japan. We will find your perfect match based on your budget and needs from all around the world.

We supply cars that we purchase will have 100% undergone inspection and maintenance.

We now have 4 cars in stock.

We now have three BMW E46 M3s, a BMW E60 M5, and Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Both have been previously owned by somebody else, but have only traveled for 36,000 km, 38,000km, 66,000km, 39,000km and 19,000km each. 

It is rare to find these cars in these good condition so be sure to check them out for yourself.

What is unique about our service?

Unlike brand new cars, the process of buying a used car may not always work out smoothly. Other companies have service where they do auction for you, but they do not help you find  your perfect car from an infinite amount of choices nor do they help you with other complicated procedures after making the purchase.

Used car dealerships may not always give you the best price and this may lead to disagreement and problems.

What we can provide however, is trust and reassurance. Cars that we purchase will have 100% undergone inspection and maintenance done by an authorized dealer and we will provide you with full support from the beginning to the end.

Our biggest strength and uniqueness is the full care that we give to our customers.

The purpose of this service

Because used cars can come in various conditions, choosing which used car to buy can be risky if you do not have good knowledge about cars. It is almost impossible for a customer without expertise to fully check and understand the car's condition. Nobody would want to take the risk of buying a used car with a false mileage and get caught in trouble. That is why we are here to help as experts and provide you with the most comfortable environment in which you can buy your car. We will take away all of your worries, for example, by receiving a fair examination from a third party, and support you so that you will have the most quality experience in purchasing a used car.

Live overseas? No worries!

Our company can ship to you the car that you would like to have even if you live outside of Japan.

We will attach a document that proves that the cars that we purchase will have 100% undergone inspection and maintenance done by an authorized dealer.

 Even if you live overseas, we will take care all of the purchasing processes required in Japan so please do not feel hesitant to ask us for our service.

Contact us

If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us. We will help you figure out what the best plan is for you based on your current situation.


ご購入例A  トヨタ プリウス




・車両本体価格           231万円

・当社による手続き代行費用         46万円

​・点検整備費用                10万円

・プレミアム車両保険           6.2万円

・タイヤパンク保証            2.5万円

              合計 295.7万円




ご購入例B  アストンマーティン




・車両本体価格          1200万円

・海外税関手続き費用          50万円

・国内税関手続き費用          50万円

​・消費税課税分                       120万円

・国内車検&整備費用                 100万円

・当社買付輸入代行費用                 100万円

                     合計  1620万円



ご購入例C  ベンツSクラス




・車両本体価格           845万円

・当社による手続き代行費用      100万円

・点検整備費用              10万円

・プレミアム車両保険                40万円

・タイヤパンク保証             3万円

            合計         998万円




1. 車両本体価格

2. 代行手数料

3. 点検整備費用(任意となる場合あり)

4. オプション(保証)費用(基本任意)

5. 税金・リサイクル費用





※ 海外よりご注文のお客様は、別途ご相談ください。






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