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What is our "New Cars Purchase Service" ?

This service will support you when purchasing a brand new Japanese car in Japan from overseas. For our customers living outside of Japan, it would be difficult to buy a car from a Japanese dealership in Japan. 

Japanese dealership do exist overseas. However, the cars will usually be sold at a higher price than in Japan, and Japanese dealership overseas will not have cars that are sold exclusively in Japan.

 Our service will help solve these problems and will support you all the way through from the purchasing process to the shipping process.

Do you ...

・Living outside of Japan but want a brand new Japanese Car?

・Want a limited edition model car that is only sold in Japan?

・Look to procure Japanese cars for business purposes?

If any of these is you, feel free to contact us.

How it works

Step1:We will determine the specs of the car that you are looking for based on your needs and wants.

Step2:After you choose your car from the options we will propose to you, we will place an order to a dealership. During this process we would like for you to pay half of the total cost in advance.

Step3:Once the car has been delivered to us, we would like for you to pay the rest of the cost. After confirming your payment, we will take care all of the domestic procedures and ship the car to you.

The shipping process will be done by a reliable and well-experienced company.

The steps above are a general overview of our "New Cars Purchase Service". 

Based on your situation or needs we may be able to show some flexibility on the steps.


*We may not be able to ship cars to certain countries or regions due to laws and regulations. 

Contact us

If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us at any time through our contact form or by e-mail.

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