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Limited Edition Cars for Sale

Are you looking for a limited edition car? We will find it for you.

Our company will procure cars from both inside and outside of Japan.

Cars that we purchase will have 100% undergone inspection and maintenance done by an authorized dealer.

We will take care of imports and exports

For our customers living overseas that are looking to purchase a car exclusively sold in Japan or vice a versa, we will take care of the import/export procedures.

Example)   SUBARU WRX STI S208 Nurbrug

We now have the SUBARU WRX STI S208s, both with the Nürburgring Challenge Package.

It has been previously owned by somebody else but have only traveled for 700km (435mi) . Its plastic seat covers have not been removed yet and it is as good as new.

It also comes with a SUBARU factory warranty (in Japan).


It is rare to find this limited-edition car in these conditions so be sure to check them out for yourself!

Contact us

Feel free to make a reservation if you would like to check out our products in person.

Also, we have our official Facebook page. Please check our information.


Volkswagen Polo 
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